The restaurant brings gamers and vegans together

In a time when everything seems to have been replaced by it’s less authentic counterpart, the Blind Tiger is something truly rare. This place holds a lot of history for people in Winnipeg. The unique perspective here compared to somewhere like Toronto is that there are so many more breweries and breweries opening up every month, but there’s a lot less pressure to be the next big thing.

A bar that feels like a living room, with a tap list to match, The Blind Tiger is truly one of Winnipeg’s gems. But what do you get when you combine the history of an old Greek diner, with the history of Winnipeg’s beer scene? The answer is The Blind Tiger.

In fact, the focus on local breweries is what drew Synyshyn to open The Blind Tiger in South Osborne in 2009. “I was a big fan of Half Pints and Fort Garry when I first moved here, but I quickly found that not everyone knew about them or had tried them before, so we put them on to show people what they were all about,'' - says Synychyn. The first tap list was one page long, and consisted of Half Pints St. James Pale Ale, Fort Garry Dark Lager, Farmery Estate Ale and Farmery Oatmeal Stout, along with one guest tap for a craft beer from somewhere else in the province. “I wanted to support the breweries in Manitoba, and I wanted to offer something unique and different from everyone else. It was all about giving people a chance to try stuff that wasn’t otherwise available in the city at the time, but also to help show our guests what we were doing differently here,” - says Synychyn.

One of the biggest struggles that many restaurants and bars face is making sure that they offer something for everyone, especially when it comes to picky eaters, special diets and intolerances. “A common misconception about The Blind Tiger is that we’re only a restaurant (and not a bar), because we don’t serve liquor, or that we don’t offer food because we only serve appetizers. Our main focus is on the craft beer side of things, but with 90% of our menu being locally sourced and made in house…it doesn’t take much for us to make something vegan or vegetarian, if someone has a dietary restriction or aversions to something, we’re more than happy to make changes to whatever the menu item is. As long as people let us know what they’d like changed, we can usually accommodate them pretty easily” says Synychyn. In fact, creating a safe and accepting environment for those with dietary restrictions is something that The Blind Tiger takes very seriously. “We’re a totally safe space restaurant, and we’ve been working hard to promote that with our staff…to let them know that there aren’t any issues with people coming into the restaurant because they have dietary restrictions or other needs, whether it be accessible needs or limitations because of a physical disability, we try to make everyone feel at home and not like any limitations will keep them from trying something new.”

Society of gamers right in the restaurant

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Benefits of Blind Tiger

The Blind Tiger is the only restaurant in the city that’s completely accessible via public transit, and they also offer free off street parking for guests with mobility issues. We do our best to accommodate people who need accessible entrances and washrooms, but we also have a ramp that connects our parking lot directly to the restaurant so that those with mobility issues don’t have to walk around the building or cross a snow bank.

A find for vegans

One of the most important things to come out of The Blind Tiger is how it has challenged people’s views on food, especially within the culinary industry. People often think that vegan food is bland and boring, but because we take time to season our items properly, vegan food can be just as flavorful and exciting as any other food, we also do our best to accommodate people who follow gluten free diets, but most importantly we understand that it’s not just about allergies or dietary requirements, it’s about meeting people where they are with whatever their needs might be. We want everyone to feel welcomed here.

Located at 1084 Bloor Street West, The Blind Tiger is open 11:30am to 1:00am every day. To learn more about their amazing food and drink menu, you can check out all the details online.