Blind Tiger (186661), Winnipeg / Manitoba Reservations


The sound of espresso grinding, the aroma of luxurious brew, and the warmth of the cup in your hands.

Coffee is a cherished resource, our day starts, pauses and ends with it. For many, coffee is a routine, a sanctuary and an absolution. It’s at Blind Tiger where knowledgeable baristas, deliver a consistent and artistic espresso, perfectly steamed milk, and the roast carefully crafted for the individual. It’s commitment in each and every cup.


Under cover of darkness everything is different. Everything is precious, and every table, dish and drink is sacred.  Here, a kitchen is not just a kitchen – it’s a playground for the palate. It’s the heart and soul of the house. Great company entices an appetite much like our hand made dishes, robust flavours and our courtesy to rich, culinary traditions.

The bar is a stage of mixology apothecary. It’s a place where glasses full of jewel-colored liquor sparkle in the dim lights, where the barmen are friendly, the drinks are flowing and the cocktails are ever changing.